Individual & Team Awards


Each year, our Chapter recognizes the outstanding accomplishments of those in the financial management career field.  Both members and non-members can be nominated for the achievement awards listed below.  Be sure to throughly read the rules and award criteria prior to submitting an award nomination package for evaluation.  For more tips, read ASMC's "How to Write Winning Awards."



Individual and Team Achievement Awards

  • Accounting

  • Acquisition / Cost Analysis

  • Auditing

  • Budgeting

  • Comptroller / Deputy Comptroller

  • Contractor Support

  • Intern / Trainee

  • Finance

  • Resource Management

  • Small Team

  • Large Team


Membership Awards


Land of Lincoln Chapter winners go on to compete at the national level.  National winners are recognized at the annual Professional Development Institute (PDI).

A special congratulations to this year's (2019) Chapter Winners:

     (* - National Winner)


Major Command - Ms. Nicole Reese (not pictured)


Major Command - Mr. Reindale Hill

Resource Management

Major Command - Ms. Tiffany Gildon

Contractor Support

Major Command - Ms. Alison Collier

Acquisition/Cost Analysis

Major Command - Ms. Shannon Krievs*


Under Major Command - Mr. Ron Dauphin


Comptroller/Deputy Comptroller

Mr. Randy Newcome*

Small Team

Major Command - Acquisition Cost Analysis Branch Team 

Mr. Tim Landvogt (Team Leader)

Team Members: Mr. Brian Schwarm, Ms. Sarah Vazzi, Mr. Ernest Taylor, Ms. Sara Clary, Ms. Brianna Ackerman, Mr. Bill Lueker, Mr. Joe Buchwald and Mr. Robert Cherry


Large Team

Major Command - Resource Advisor

Jean Brauer: (Team Leader)

Team Members: Ms. Rhonda Wold, Mr. Boris Ognyanov, Ms. Mary Leige, Mr. Zo Jabbar, Ms. Katharina Gehris, Ms. Amanda Dahm, CPT Latasha Joe, Ms. Jennifer Knight, Ms. Osepia Weathers and Mr. Harold Mitchell
































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