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Our Chapter's 2018/2019 Membership Campaign is rolling right along!  Since March 2018, 21 new members have joined the ASMC Land of Lincoln Chapter!  A special thank you to the 9 recruiters for their efforts in making the campaign a huge success to date. 


The new member recruitment program is in full swing!  Both current ASMC Land of Lincoln Chapter members and new members can earn $2 off their next luncheon. Be sure to check out the details on how to earn your luncheon coupon below!


How It Works:


  1. Be a current paid ASMC Land of Lincoln Chapter member.

  2. Encourage individuals to join ASMC.  Be sure new member includes you as
    the recruiter on their ASMC Individual Membership application.


  3. You and the new member will receive $2 off your next luncheon!







  1. Increase our new member/membership renewal rate by 5 members each quarter through the 2017/2018 Membership Campaign.

  2. Increase current paid membership by 5% each year through quarterly reviews of member roster.

  3. Improve recognition of ASMC Land of Lincoln Chapter member achievements by highlighting them in the newsletter and on the website.





Get to know fellow members of the Land of Lincoln Chapter here on our website and in our newsletters!



The following individual is the newest member of the Land of Lincoln Chapter this quarter (Jan - Mar 2019):


- Ernest Taylor






Share your good news, such as promotions, transfers, new arrivals, graduations, retirements, etc. with the rest of our members.  Send your news to Ms. Hillary Esker ( for inclusion in the next newsletter.


Congratulations on Your Achievements

  • Amanda Schmersahl completed Intern Program, placed in TCJ8-BH

  • Brian R. Baldus completed CDFM Certification

  • Kathy Biermann (DISA) received Employee of the Quarter

  • Douglas Miller (USTRANSCOM) earned DoDFM Certification-Level 2


  • Francine Jones promoted to GS-12

  • Julie Lee promoted to GS-12

  • Orlando Rivera-Torres promoted to GS-12

  • Clarence Rice (38 CYRS) promoted to GS-11

  • Jamie Drees (DISA) promoted to GS-11

  • Felicia Ziegler (USTRANSCOM) promoted to GS-13

  • Paul “Curt” Fruend(USTRANSCOM) promoted to GS-12

  • Brian Schwarm(USTRANSCOM) promoted to GS-13

  • Hillary Esker (SDDC) promoted to GS-12



  • Hillary Esker, SDDC, from USTRANSCOM/J8

  • Brian R. Baldus, SDDC Chief of Staff for G-6, from NAVCENT

  • Jessie Hassenpflug, SDDC Accounting Ops Division, from USTC

  • Francine Jones, SDDC TWCF Division, from USTC

  • Julie Lee, SDDC TWCF Division, from USTC

  • Orlando Rivera-Torres, SDDC TWCF Division, from USTC

  • Steven G. Payne, SDDD Accounting Ops Division, from 932d Air Wing SAFB

  • Arrival of Douglas Miller, GS-501-13,TCJ8-CR, Career Broadener

  • Jasolyn Evans to Talent Management Special Assignment (1yr) USTC Command Section


Welcome New Arrivals

  • None yet! Share your news!



  • Autumn Allen got engaged on Christmas.




Have you recently change duty stations, received a promotion or changed positions? Be sure to update your ASMC profile with your new addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.   Please visit ASMC online to update your profile here.

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