Membership Luncheons


The January Professional Development Session: On 16 January, we had our first Professional Development Session (PDS) of the new year. To bring in the new year right we had a very special guest, Mr. Peter Gavornik who spoke about the Transportation Management System (TMS).


He’s played a critical role in the TMS development at USTRANSCOM. He spoke about the importance of a TMS DoD-wide and how it will be a game changer for our customers as well as out transporters.


This was a very special PDS as 75 members came out for to hear Pete’s wisdom and to hear an update on TMS. We also had a chance to honor a very special, longtime member, Ms. CP Weathers. She was the recipient of the Star Performer of the Quarter (SPoQ) for the period October 2019 - December 2019. Her amazing work performance and her philanthropic efforts for the underserved community led her to win this award. Very well deserved!

Lastly we recognized Ms. Collette Naughton for her support to the chapter and gifted her with a $25 Starbucks gift card.

The winner of the $50 Shell gas gift card was Ms. Diane Parker.

The November Professional Development Session: On Tuesday, 19 Nov, we had the pleasure of having Mr. Eric Mosier as our guest speaker.


Mr. Eric Mosier from our sponsor Deloitte came and spoke to us about data science and analytics and how quickly they are transforming the way people and organizations make decisions. He also gave some examples of work he has accomplished for government organizations recently.


Also, we awarded our first ever Star Performer of the Quarter (SPoQ) sponsored by Ernst & Young (EY) to Ms. Gladys Moy. She was recognized for her exceptional work during fiscal year close-out.

Lastly, the winner of the $50 Bella Milano gift card was SrA Julian Clanton.

The October Professional Development Session:  On Monday, 21 Oct, we welcomed MG Deborah L. Kotulich to our luncheon as our distinguished guest speaker.


Some highlights from her speech included thanking everyone in the room for all the work they do day in and day out. She also spoke about current events within DoD, USTRANSCOM and her roles and responsibilities.


“I don’t want people who are going to watch the news. I need people who are going to make the news.” - MG Deborah L. Kotulich


In other news, the winner of a $25 Starbucks was Ms. Rhonda Wold. The other winner of a $25 gift card to multiple restaurants was Ms. Pamela Anderson.

The August Professional Development Session: This past Thursday, 8 August, we had the pleasure of having Maj Gen (r) Mark Brown come and speak at our chapter luncheon.


Maj Gen Brown is the Chief Operating Officer (political appointee) at the Department of Education. He spoke about the importance of the Department of Education and how important it is to keep up with the ever-changing world of emerging technology. Technology isn’t the only thing that’s changing, it’s also their customer base.


We also presented a $500 check to the Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois. The Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois has been a leader in providing safety, shelter, support, and guidance to survivors of domestic violence.

Also our member of the month winner was Mr. Bruce Crabtree who took home a $50 Amazon gift card.

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